Kahepoolne mikrokiust švamm+ köögirätik SMART


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Microfiber Scrubber, grey, SMART
Multipurpose 2-sided cleaning sponge with patented Scrubber for though stains. Long Lasting. No streaks. Wash at temperature 60°C in washing machine or hand washing. Made in Sweden.

Kitchen towel 60x40cm, dark grey, SMART
Kitchen towel of highly absorbent microfiber that effectively polishes glass, porcelain and silverware to a glossy shine. Leaves surfaces sparkling. No water streaks. The towel is also perfect for polishing counters, kitchen cabinets, stainless steel and much more. Wash at temperature 40°C in washing machine or hand washing, use any laundry liquid for colour clothes. Do not use bleach and fabric softener. Do not iron! Made in: Sweden


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