Screen cloth INO SMART

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A soft and pilable cloth for cleaning computer and GPS screens, DVD’s etc. Removes fingerprints, smudges and grime. Dust and other small particles are gone in one wipe. Super handy in your car for quick and efficient cleaning that doesn’t leave streaks or lint. For dusting: Use a dry cloth. For cleaning sensitive screens: Use a moist cloth. Do not rub the surface of that screen. Can be used on: DVD’s , GPS screens, mobile phones, sunglasses etc. Lab tested: Doesn’t scratch or wear surfaces! Wash at temperature 60°C, use any laundry liquid. Do not use bleach and softener. Do no iron. 32 x 31 cm. Made in: Sweden

Note! Make sure that no flakes or loose particles are stuck on the cloth, since they might scratch the finish. Store in a protective bag when not being used.

Comes with free Optical cloth for cleaning sunglasses.


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