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Ideal for use on enamel, ceramic or halogen hobs. Removes everyday burnt on food and cooking spills from hobs with ease. With silicon polish to leave a protective coating to shield the surface from damage caused by further accidental spills. No harsh chemicals and therefore no need to wear gloves. Includes a surface specific sponge suitable for hobs and cooktops. With essence of lemon & ginger. How to use: Dampen the applicator provided with clean warm water and use this to apply the cleaning paste as needed. Rub the surface using a circular motion to lift and remove stains and food residues. Rinse clean the applicator and reapply product where necessary. Rinse and wipe clean surfaces using the sponge side of the applicator and clean warm water. Care is needed on delicate or polished surfaces to avoid scratching. Not suitable for use on brushed stainless steel. Weight 250 g.  Made in: United Kingdom.

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