SET: Carpet & Upholstery +Fabric refresher ASTONISH

9.18 6.90 (Offer valid until 03.05.2021)

Product description

Ideal for accidental spills and spot stain removal on those hard to launder items, such as carpets, curtains and chairs. Suitable for use on wool and synthetics fabrics. Powerful stain remover loosens and lifts away dirt, whilst being gentle on fabrics. The deep cleaning action also works to neutralise unpleasant odours. Volume 750 ml. Made in: United Kingdom

Neutralises unpleasant odours: animal, smoke, food preparation, mould to item such as carpets, chairs and curtains. Can also be use freshen up clothing and bedding. Volume 750 ml. Made in: United Kingdom


Additional information

Weight 1.80 kg


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