OVEN&GRILL cleaner& sponge+ Steel Scrub sponge, 2 pieces


Product description

With the addition of orange oil to cut thorough grease with ease. Powers through grease and burnt-on food. Powers through oven dirt tackling the entire oven including the door. For use on vitreous and powdered enamel, toughened glass and oven racking/shelves. With no harsh chemicals there is no need to wear gloves or have a child safety cap unlike many other oven cleaner. Includes a surface specific sponge suitable for ovens and grills. How to use: Dampen the applicator provided with clean warm water and use this to apply the cleaning paste as needed. Rub the surface using a circular motion to lift and remove stains and food residues. Rinse clean the applicator and reapply product where necessary. Rinse and wipe clean surfaces using the sponge side of the applicator and clean warm water. Care is needed on delicate or polished surfaces to avoid scratching. Do not use on non-stick or Teflon coatings. Weight 250 g. Made in: United Kingdom.

The flexible sponge has filaments that do not rust and that easily remove dried-on dirt and food from pots, pans and dishes, in addition to cleaning grill grates quickly and effectively. Holds its shape. Made in: Sweden

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Weight 0.6 kg


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