SET: Face Glove SMART+ Microfiber Hair Wrap SMART

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The face glove is made of ultra fine fibers, finer than silk, which cleanse and peel your skin gently and deeply without any chemical cleansers. It cleanses best when damp and dry. Wash your face with favourite cleansing cream. Use the glove to wipe off leftover make-up and for final cleansing. The Face Glove leaves your skin soft and clean without irritation. Rinse the glove after using it. The Face Glove is great gift for everyone, who does skin care. Cleanses skin naturally. Can use for everyday routine. Wash at temperature 60°C, use any laundry liquid. Do not use bleach and softener. Do not iron. Made in: Sweden

Smart Microfiber’s astonishing absorption dries your hair softly and gently much faster than an ordinary towel. Easy to use and stays in place with its button closure. Lightweight, soft and durable.
1. Lean your head forward.
2. Place the hair wrap over your head with all your hair inside the turban.
3. Twist the hair wrap.
4. Fold the twisted wrap over the top and use the button closure to secure.
Made in: Sweden

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