Household cloth+ Dish brush SMART

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Household cloth, 30x30cm, 2 pieces, SMART (pink and grey or blue and grey)
An easy-to-use thin cleaning cloth that wipes surfaces dry without leaving water streaks. Where to use: Excellent results when used to remove grease, spots and old grime! Kitchen: countertops, stove tops, cabinets, tile. Bathroom: sinks, bathtubs, taps, shower cubicles. How to use: Use a slightly damp cloth. When dusting, use a dry cloth for static effect. Wash at temperature 40°C in washing machine, 5-10 washes. Size 32x31cm. Made in Sweden.

Dish brush with horsehair mix bristles SMART 
Comfortable silicone handle and FSC® beech wood brush head with horsehair mix bristles. For gentle washing of silver, glass and crystal, yet also effective on pots and pans. Modern, colourful collection. Made in Sweden.



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Blue, Rose


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