Tips for general cleaning


Gleaming Grout
Use Astonish Mould & Mildew to not only remove Mould but to whiten dulling and stained grout too. The product that just keeps giving!
Clean Machine
Has your washing machine cleaned too many muddy sports kits lately? Pop 2 scoops of our Oxy Active into an empty machine drum and set off on a washing cycle to leave it smelling clean, fresh and ready to tackle the next load of muddy washing. The question is are you?
We recommend a 40 or 60C wash so that bacteria removal is more effective!
Sink becoming a little sluggish recently?
Clear your sink up and remove any unwanted smells with this hack! Simply pop two scoops of our Oxy Active down
your sink and pour a little hot water over the top (carefully). Listen for the fizz as the product clears unwanted gunk.
No more stinky plug holes
A breeding ground for germs and bacteria, smelly plugholes can be an issue in most homes. Luckily, our concentrated disinfectants remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and eliminate bad odours. Simply pour one capful down the plugholes in your home for a fresh burst of fragrance and a hygienically clean sink.
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